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Transport, employment and sustainable population growth are inextricably linked in Western Sydney.


The last 12 months has been an infrastructure bonanza with the Western Sydney Airport, Sydney Metro, Western Sydney Light Rail and the WestConnex attracting significant funds, however decades of neglect means there is still serious transport backlog; creating major problems for the region.


High levels of car ownership, necessitated by poor public transport provision, coupled with the dispersion of employment opportunities and facilities and services contribute further to transport stress and cost of living.


In its February report, Australian Infrastructure Plan: Priorities and reforms for our nation’s future, Infrastructure Australia identified access to transport, especially public transport as a critical economic and social equity considerations for the outer suburbs of Australia’s cities.


As highlighted by Prime Minister Turnbull, at the Western Sydney Out There Summit, roads are not enough. Operational railway lines, with stations, are what’s needed to attract commercial enterprise, service local economies and build local employment opportunities in the region.


Investment in a range of transport options is crucial, but even more important is where these investments are made. 


The CBD – centric nature of Sydney’s transport system, has left major transport gaps along Western Sydney Western Sydney’s north south axis. Future investment must focus on connecting Western Sydney with Western Sydney if the region’s economy is to flourish.


If transport is not addressed, a region that should be booming will be stifled by congestion.


Policy priorities:


  • Fair and equitable outcomes for the Western Sydney community with regards to the proposed Western Sydney airport at Badgerys Creek.
  • Construction of a rail link to Badgerys Creek in line with the construction of a proposed airport.
  • Scoping and construction of a north-south rail link between Hawkesbury and Campbelltown, connecting the North West and South West Priority Growth Areas with key employment zones such as the Western Sydney Employment Lands at Bagderys Creek.
  • A commitment to the next stages of the Western Sydney light rail at Parramatta.

  • Implemetation of lcoal integrated land use and transport plans.

  • Duplication of the Western rail line between Riverstone and Richmond to serve the North West Prioirty Growth Area.
  • Extension of the North West Rail Link to the Western rail line.
  • A Western Sydney freight line to link strategic intermodals, includign Eastern Creek and/or Badgerys Creek to Poirt Botany to remove freight from the roads.
  • Full funding for M5 duplication and M4 East – WestConnex.

  • Better links to Western Sydney's industrial areas and employment lands.

  • Increased Federal Government support for the Roads to Recovery Program.

  • Identification and reservation of outer Western Sydney rail and road corridors for long term growth.


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