Western Sydney Airport Site signage.


The construction of Western Sydney Airport at Badgerys Creek will significantly shape the future of Western Sydney; with far-reaching impacts for the region's economy, environment and people.


While the project offers significant opportunities for Western Sydney's economy, it also presents a number of challenges that must be addressed including: transport provision, human health impacts, and environmental impacts.


Western Sydney councils are determined to maximise the economic benefits Western Sydney Airport, while minimising any negative impacts on Western Sydney communities and the natural environment.


In February 2017, the WSROC Board resolved that a Western Sydney Airport (WSA) must:


  • Be supported by an Airport Plan, state of the art infrastructure and public transport from the outset of airport operations, to optimise its contribution to the economic growth and development of Western Sydney.


  • Deliver equity, fairness and maintain quality of life for the whole Sydney basin and the Blue Mountains through acceptable arrangements detailed in the Airport Plan, curfew considerations and a comprehensive noise mitigation plan for residential houses.


  • Be subject to stringent environmental controls, developed following detailed and comprehensive assessment of the environmental impact, including protection of the UNESCO listed Greater World Heritage Area. 


  • Ensure equitable outcomes for all Greater Western Sydney residents by designing and implementing flight paths that limit the noise exposure of any single community.


  • Include a jobs policy and plan that supports Western Sydney residents through apprenticeships, traineeships and priority access to local jobs.


  • Include a procurement policy that preferences Australian manufacturing and services, and supports the Western Sydney economy.


  • Include non-road options (pipeline or rail) for the delivery of fuel to the airport and one option to be implemented in time for the opening of the airport.


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