Friday, 24 November 2017 15:57

$2 billion splurge mocks real need

Sports ground in Western Sydney. Sports ground in Western Sydney.

Media release, 24 November, 2017

The Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (WSROC) would like to congratulate the NSW Government on making the state so prosperous it can afford to splurge $2 billion knocking down perfectly useable stadiums.

WSROC President Cr Stephen Bali said “I have no doubt the stadia will be Colosseum-inspired[1] as the Government claims; just like the Colosseum their purpose is to appease the masses and distract them from everyday problems.

“This announcement makes an absolute mockery of real community needs. It implies that major events are more important to the Government than health, schools and transport.

“Western Sydney has billions of dollars’ worth of backlogs on the social infrastructure needed to meet basic liveability aspirations.

“We have an obesity and chronic disease epidemic that is costing Australia’s health system billions of dollars – yet this is not a plan to upgrade local sports grounds, improve sports participation, or healthy eating programs.

“We have severe transport infrastructure backlogs, a critical shortage of commuter car parks, and a lack of lifts at rail stations to help our most vulnerable access public transport.

“Western Sydney schools are under pressure from exploding population growth, TAFE courses are closing and day care costs are rising,” he said.

“Yet, the Government is selling off major income producing assets and using the money to build stadia.

“If any area of Government business ought to consider public –private partnerships it should be stadium policy,” said Cr Bali.


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[1] Fans will be closer to the action than ever before, with steep seating creating a colosseum-inspired wall of sound and colour, enhanced with the world’s most advanced technology.

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