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Badgery’s Creek must be more than just an airport – WSROC

Media Release April 15, 2014

Badgery’s Creek airport must form the basis of a whole new redevelopment of Western Sydney if the full economic and employment benefits for the region are to be realised, the Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils have said.

WSROC President Clr Tony Hadchiti said airport infrastructure needed to encompass more than just road and rail links.

“We also need to build the hotels, conference facilities, shopping centres, and entertainment and exhibition facilities around the airport so that people don’t need to travel once they get here.

“This is an opportunity to make Badgery’s Creek a destination in its own right, as well as a gateway to Western Sydney.

“Road and rail links are important, there is no doubt about that,” he said. “But we can save a lot of potential congestion and travel time if visitors do not have to try and get into the Harbour CBD to access their events and services.

“And while the airport will deliver a lot of jobs in its own right, there is also the potential to multiply the employment benefits by creating support services and facilities in the area.

“The Badgery’s Creek site is located beside the 10,000 hectares designated as the Western Sydney Employment Lands and can provide direct links to both the northwest and southwest growth sectors. This provides a tremendous opportunity to build not just an airport, but an aerotropolis.

However, he warned that there would inevitably be some negative impacts and called on the Government to release more details of what is proposed for the site.

“We really need to see the details of what is proposed before we can say whether the benefits will outweigh the potential negative impacts,” Clr Hadchiti said.

Clr Hadchiti said WSROC had been in discussions with the Federal Government about the airport and looked forward to working closely with both the Federal and State Governments in planning and managing the infrastructure needs.

“They can’t just plonk an unsupported and unregulated runway in the middle of a sheep paddock and call it an airport. We need a fully integrated and funded plan for infrastructure and development to ensure that the impacts of an airport can be properly managed and the full benefits realised,” Clr Hadchiti said.

“The WSROC councils represent the 1.6 million residents of Western Sydney and as such we need to work in close consultation with the Federal and State Governments to ensure that the airport is a benefit, not a liability for the West.”


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