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China policy a wakeup call for waste planning

Bundled plastic bottles at a recycling facility. Bundled plastic bottles at a recycling facility.

Media release, 19th April 2018

The loss of China as a recycling export market should be a wake-up call for the importance of waste planning says the Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (WSROC).

WSROC CEO Charles Casuscelli said “Along with water and electricity, waste is an essential service for any city, and when it goes wrong can be just as detrimental to community health and amenity.

“This situation hasn’t just sprung upon us. For a long time, waste has not received the same strategic attention as state managed services such as water and electricity and this needs to be rectified,” he said.

“WSROC welcomes the $47 million package announced by the NSW Government, however let’s make no mistake – this is a stop gap measure.

“The federal and state governments need to work more closely with local government and industry to ensure sustainable, locally based solutions to our waste requirements,” said Mr Casuscelli.

“This includes developing new markets, prioritising land use planning that supports new waste infrastructure, and tightening planning controls to deliver efficient kerbside services.

“We are also disappointed that this funding has been reallocated from existing Waste Less Recycle More projects rather than sourcing additional funding from councils’ waste levy contributions.

“At present, funds collected via the waste levy in Western Sydney to encourage recycling goes into consolidated revenue rather than being fully returned to recycling projects in the region,” said Mr Casuscelli.

“There are huge challenges ahead for all levels of government, particularly in the current period of population growth, which is placing significant pressure on Sydney’s existing waste infrastructure. 

“It is time for a genuine conversation about the longer-term future of waste management generally and the waste levy specifically.

“We are encouraged by the Greater Sydney Commission’s Greater Sydney Plan which is the first state-level document to give significant attention to strategic waste planning as a critical service.

“We hope this is just the beginning of a more integrated approach to waste planning across all levels of government,” said Mr Casuscelli.


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