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Forget on-demand, Western Sydney simply needs transport

Train pulling into East Richmond Station, Hawkesbury. Train pulling into East Richmond Station, Hawkesbury.

Media release, 3 November, 2016

The Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (WSROC) has called on the NSW Government to deliver a transport network for Greater Western Sydney before it spends money on ‘on-demand’ technologies.

WSROC President Cr Stephen Bali said “The Government’s announcement about trialling buses and trains on demand is just another distraction from delivering a transport network for Western Sydney. 

“Minister Constance has said that transport should be on-demand, just like Netflix. But as many Australians will be aware, there is no point having Netflix without a connection to the NBN network,” said Cr Bali.

“Likewise, there is no point having on-demand transport, if you don’t have access to the transport network in the first place.

“This announcement demonstrates a complete lack of understanding not only of Western Sydney’s current transport needs, but the mounting challenge of delivering housing, jobs and transport for another million people over the next 20 years,” said Cr Bali.

“Smart technology will not solve current capacity constraints, it won’t solve a lack of network coverage, and it is no substitute for solid investment in transport infrastructure for Western Sydney,” he said.

“Western Sydney is suffering from a lack of railway stations, a lack of rail transport capacity, a lack of bus routes to adequately cover the region, poor integration of bus and rail services, as well as parking and accessibility issues.

“We haven’t solved these issues where demand is well known and relatively stable, let alone if we threw timetabling out the window,” said Cr Bali.

“The NSW Government has got to focus on getting the basics right for a reliable public transport network before going off on wild goose chases.

“We need focus on getting Western Sydney on the grid. Technology announcements may sound exciting, but they are no substitute for good policy,” said Cr Bali.


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