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Hawkesbury Mayor elected WSROC President

WSROC Executive (Clockwise from top left): President Cr Barry Calvert, Senior Vice President Cr George Campbell, Treasurer Cr Karress Rhodes and Junior Vice President Cr Don McGregor. WSROC Executive (Clockwise from top left): President Cr Barry Calvert, Senior Vice President Cr George Campbell, Treasurer Cr Karress Rhodes and Junior Vice President Cr Don McGregor.

Media release, 29 October 2018

Mayor of Hawkesbury, Cr Barry Calvert was unanimously elected President of the Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (WSROC) at the organisation’s Annual General Meeting at Liverpool City Council on Thursday night.

Cr Calvert replaces Blacktown Mayor Cr Stephen Bali MP who has headed the organisation for the past two years.

Joining Cr Calvert on the Executive Committee are Cumberland Councillor George Campbell as Senior Vice President, Blue Mountains Councillor Don McGregor as Junior Vice President, and Liverpool Councillor Karress Rhodes as Treasurer.

President Cr Calvert said “I am very honoured to have been elected by my fellow directors to take on the role of WSROC President. I wish to sincerely thank outgoing President, Mayor Stephen Bali, for his leadership over the last two years and will endeavour to follow the great example he has set.

“WSROC is in a strong position with many ongoing projects that will enhance the lives of the Western Sydney community, as well as producing savings and reduced costs for member councils.

“We have recently welcomed Lithgow Council into WSROC and are working closely with several other Greater Western Sydney councils who see real benefits of working collectively for the betterment of our region,” he said.

“Our current projects include addressing the daunting waste challenges in our area, finding solutions to urban heat and reducing electricity costs and improving energy efficiency in Western Sydney.

“I look forward to working with the directors, member councillors and the extremely professional and capable WSROC staff to bring these projects to fruition,” said Cr Calvert.

WSROC’s former Treasurer, Cr George Campbell, was elected to the position of Senior Vice President.

“It's an honour to represent Cumberland Council on the Board of WSROC and to be elected to the position of Senior Vice-President. I thank my colleagues for expressing confidence in me,” said Cr Campbell.

“WSROC has a long history of bringing together its member councils to work on areas of common interests to the benefit of the people of Western Sydney. The scale at which WSROC operates and its unity gives strength to our common purpose and results in many great achievements. Together we face many new and continuing challenges.

“I look forward to adding my contribution to the efforts of my fellow Board members to help make Western Sydney a better place to live,” he said.

Junior Vice President Cr Don McGregor of Blue Mountains City Council said “I look forward to working with the WSROC Board, our staff and member councils to meet the challenges and opportunities that come with rapid population growth.

“I am keen to achieve our 2025 target of diverting 70 percent of domestic waste from landfill and building our energy efficiency initiatives to reduce both emissions and costs to households. I am particularly excited by our Turn Down the Heat initiative which includes ‘Cool Suburbs’, a research-based rating system for planning cooler, more liveable buildings and public spaces,” he said.

“Real progress needs to be made on a north south rail line linking Campbelltown and Hawkesbury, as well as improving services across the Blue Mountains to Lithgow and beyond.

“I will continue to argue the lack of equity in the outright refusal to consider a curfew for Western Sydney Airport while communities in the east have one,” said Cr McGregor.

Liverpool Councillor Karress Rhodes, was appointed WSROC Treasurer following two years of strong involvement on the WSROC Board.

“It is a privilege and an honour to continue to represent Liverpool Council and to be appointed Treasurer on the WSROC Board.

"The ongoing transformation of Western Sydney underpins more than ever, the vital role of WSROC, to continue collaboration with all levels of government and strategic stakeholders in order to initiate innovative solutions to the growth challenges now and into the future.

"I look forward to working with my fellow WSROC councillors to help provide a sustainable, liveable, and enjoyable Western Sydney," said Cr Rhodes.



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