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WSROC calls on Minister to rethink Moorebank IMF proposal

Media Release, September 25, 2014


The Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils is calling on Planning Minister Pru Goward to review the decision of the Planning Assessment Commission to allow a second major freight terminal to be built at the Moorebank site.

The proposal put forward by the Sydney Intermodal Terminal Alliance (SIMTA) would transport up to 1 million containers by rail from Port Botany to the site, and includes warehousing and a road transport distribution facility to allow the delivery of rail freight throughout the South West.

The SIMTA proposal is in addition to the proposal by the Commonwealth government to also build a major intermodal freight terminal on the neighbouring site which will handle up to 1.2 million containers a year.

WSROC president Cllr Tony Hadchiti said the approval of SIMTA's concept plan was unnecessary and showed complete disregard for the concerns of residents.

"We are disgusted that the Planning & Assessment Panel (PAC) has allowed this plan to go ahead, “he said.

"One terminal is bad enough - we don't need two. Our roads are already congested and we cannot cope with the introduction of a million freight trucks setting off from the terminal every year."

Cllr Hadchiti said South West Sydney had already been identified as the major future growth centre for Sydney, with over 400,000 new dwellings proposed, the terminal would seriously impact on the liveability of the area.

"This is further evidence that they have failed to look at long term solutions, “he said. "How can they seriously expect to combine a city the size of Canberra with two freight terminals that are looking to bring a combined total of 2.2 million container trucks each year?"

"There are numerous other options which should have been considered - including the proposal for additional terminals at the new Badgery's Creek Airport site and at Eastern Creek which should be included as part of an overall freight strategy."

Cllr Hadchiti said the Planning Assessment Commission had itself noted there were numerous issues of serious concern with the proposal.

"The Commission has said that there are serious concerns around issues such as traffic, air and noise pollution and the impacts on local heritage, including the iconic Casula Power House”, Cllr Hadchiti said.

"Given they recognise this, it seems incredible they have determined that it is still in the public interest to go ahead."

"The Commission also noted that they were unable to convince the two proponents of the Terminal - namely SIMTA and the Commonwealth Government, to combine their proposals and come up with one master plan which would provide certainty for the community.

"This ad hoc approach is likely to create unnecessary gaps and duplication and create further uncertainty for residents.

"The fact is this beautiful stretch of historic land along the river could be much better used as mixed residential or commercial space”.

"We would urge the Minister to review this decision as a matter of urgency as it will clearly have a number of serious detrimental impacts on the future of Sydney's South west and it’s residents.

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