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Tourists and locals to discover the wonders of the West

Media Release 18th April 2011

Many of Sydney’s best kept secrets are about to be revealed following the NSW’s Government’s plan to bring more events and festivals to the region.

The Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils Ltd (WSROC) has welcomed the announcement by Premier Barry O’Farrell as a major step forward in promoting the region and encouraging Sydney-siders to take a “whole-of-city” approach.

The President of WSROC, Clr Alison McLaren, said the move will bring major benefits to the region by boosting employment and investment opportunities and at the same time would open the doors to local, interstate and international visitors who may not previously have been aware of what the region has to offer.

“Traditionally all the Government’s tourism and events campaigns have focussed on the Beaches and the Harbour, without realising the wealth of opportunities that existed in Western Sydney,” Clr McLaren said.

“Western Sydney is rich in historic sites, beautiful parks and rivers, world class galleries and performance spaces and a thriving and myriad multicultural population that brings our local streets to life,” Clr McLaren said.

“And no one knows these areas better than local councils.

“WSROC has been working behind the scenes for some time to encourage people to visit the many attractions of the area, and for companies and events to look at Western Sydney venues for their events.

“Several of our member Councils including Parramatta and Penrith are leading the way in developing tourism promotions and attractions for their region, while Blue Mountains Council has tourism as a central plank in their economy.”

“We are delighted that the Premier has recognised the enormous range and diversity of facilities for major events that exist in Western Sydney.

“For too long there has been a psychological divide between Western Sydney and the East and North,” Clr McLaren said.

“Recognising Western Sydney as a major location for shared events, festivals, exhibitions, and performances will be a good start to breaking down this artificial barrier.

“Our natural spaces and facilities stand easily alongside the water-based attractions of the east. Not only do we have the attractions, but our multicultural communities make Western Sydney the natural home of key religious and cultural festivals.

“And all of Sydney will benefit. Western Sydney will welcome the investment and jobs that come with major sporting and arts events such as Vivid, Festival of Sydney and public breakfasts, while the rest of the world will have the opportunity to experience all the fantastic natural environments, cultures, and facilities which are one of the region’s best kept secrets.

“We are delighted that the new Government is recognising the wonderful opportunities that Western Sydney has to offer and look forward to working with them to promote the many great attractions of the region,” Clr McLaren concluded.


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