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Jobs boost welcome but more support needed – WSROC

Media Release 12th May 2011

People returning to the workforce need assistance with childcare, transport and other support services, the Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils said today.

Speaking in response to the Federal Budget, WSROC President Alison McLaren said the Federal Government had provided lots of incentives to go back to work, but very few enabling mechanisms.

We strongly support the Government’s policy of getting people back to work,“ Clr McLaren said.

“There are many families in Western Sydney who are keen to get jobs or increase their work hours and who will benefit from these initiatives.

“However we would like to see some consideration given to providing financial assistance to allow them to buy work clothes and provide for family obligations.”

“Many of the so-called under-employed are women with carer commitments – they either have young children or are primary carers for disabled or elderly relatives.”

“These women would welcome the opportunity to rejoin the workforce and take up paid work but they still have their family responsibilities to manage.

“Re-skilling those who have been out of the workforce for long periods is only part of the story,” Clr McLaren said. “We would like to see the Government take a broader view of their needs to ensure they are able to take up these opportunities.”

Clr McLaren said she was pleased the Government had abandoned plans to cut back the childcare rebate.

“The Government said they wanted to get mothers of young children back into the workforce earlier but they have to realise the huge impact childcare costs can have on the family budget.

“Maintaining the rebate is essential for working families who often pay the equivalent of their second salary in childcare costs.”

She said she was disappointed that the Government had not made provision for expanding childcare places as many families still had difficulty finding suitable childcare at all.

“As our councils know, the demand for childcare places still far outstrips supply,” she said. “We would welcome some new initiatives from the Government which would increase the number of places and services available.”

The decision to defer infrastructure funding would also impact on some people’s ability to rejoin the workforce, she said.

“As always, transport remains a critical factor in people’s ability to get to and from work and find employment and Western Sydney is among the most poorly serviced regions in Australia,” Clr McLaren said.

“We are disappointed the Government chose to further delay building the vital infrastructure that would enable more people to travel to where the jobs actually are.”


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