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Water monsters invade Pendle Hill Public School

Media Release 12 December 2011

Sixty lucky students from Pendle Hill Public School were among the first Western Sydney students to meet Sharpie, Snog, Narley and the terrifying Oiler, on Monday 12 December when they received Holroyd Council’s Water Wise Tool Kit; a set of seriously cool trading cards based on marine life monsters who have come to spread the message about water pollution and sustainability.


The Water Wise cards are an initiative of Holroyd City Council and are designed to educate children on water management and sustainability issues and to develop further discussion within the school playground around the role water plays in our lives.

The project is funded through Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Council’s Water in the Landscape Program, a major community education initiative which uses cultural events and educational activities to raise awareness about local water management issues in Western Sydney.

“Everyone knows that young people are the future, so it is critically important to involve them in water and sustainability issues.” WSROC President Clr Alison McLaren said.

“And I believe that Holroyd City Council is definitely on the right track with these trading cards because they engage the students in such a fun and interactive way.”
Holroyd City Mayor Yvette Whitfield, said it is a great opportunity for children to learn about the importance of taking care of the environment.

“The Water Wise program is a unique way for children to gain a solid understanding of the impact of water pollution on our environments.” Mayor Whitfield said.

“The toolkit demonstrates that everybody has a vital role to play in preserving the environment and our water future as well as giving them a range of simple yet fun and effective tips of doing that.”

Other schools that participated in the project and drew up their own monsters are Parramatta West, Guildford and Widemere Public Schools. They will receive their toolkits within the next few days. The trading cards will be distributed more widely, to 10 schools, in the Holroyd and Parramatta LGA.

More information on Water in The Landscape:



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