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Western Councils happy to support Parramatta festival

Media Release 13 July 2011

The Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils has welcomed the Premier’s announcement that more Sydney festival events will be held in Parramatta as a good start in recognising the people of Western Sydney.


However, WSROC President Clr Alison McLaren urged Mr O’Farrell to look beyond Parramatta when it came to hosting events.

“There is no doubt that Mr O’Farrells announcement of $500,000 to fund Sydney Festival events based at the Riverside Theatre in Parramatta is very welcome,” Clr McLaren said.

“WSROC has long argued that the 1.9 million people in the Greater Western region should not have to travel long distances into the Harbour CBD to participate in their own city’s festivals.” 

“And Parramatta is a great location for hosting these events, with a well-established theatre precinct and great outdoor recreational spaces.

“However I would urge Mr O’Farrell to look beyond our Western CBD when it comes to placing events.

Clr McLaren said the Western Sydney region covers a vast area with many great sites and recreational spaces.
“There are beautiful river locations, great theatres, historic buildings and thriving arts and cultural communities right across our region,” she said.

“Perhaps the Government could look at expanding the Sydney festival to other areas, such as our vibrant cultural communities in places like Cabramatta and Auburn or the beautiful semi-rural lands in the Hawkesbury as potential locations for events.

“Not only does this provide a great showcase to introduce non-locals to the many attractions of Western Sydney but it also brings these events much closer to home for more of our residents.

“Our councils are strong supporters of the arts and cultural communities – as evidenced by their long commitment to funding these programs and by investing in building major venues such as the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre at Penrith and the new Bankstown Community Arts Centre.”

“We are ready and willing to share these resources with all of Sydney through the Sydney festival and other events and would welcome the opportunity to showcase our many great venues,” Clr McLaren said.



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