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WSROC Calls On Federal Government to Back NSW

Media Release 26th September 2011

Responding to reports that the NSW Premier is ready to take a fully costed, high priority Sydney transport plan to Canberra for federal funding, Western Sydney councils have urged the Prime Minister’s support.


The President of the Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils, Clr Alison McLaren expressed support for the inclusion of two key Western Sydney projects on the NSW priority list.

“The North west Rail Link and the M5 duplication are both essential pieces of infrastructure that are vital to support the growing population of Western Sydney,” Clr McLaren said.

“However, without financial support from the federal government these will not be completed as quickly as needed, so we urge the Prime Minister to also get behind these key projects.”

“Western Sydney is the fastest growing region of Sydney, with the 1.9 million people expected to grow by almost another million people in the next 25 years. Western Sydney is also a key driver of economic growth in NSW, now contributing over $85 billion a year to the state’s economy.”

“It is imperative that this growth is supported with the necessary infrastructure and this requires both state and federal funding,” said Clr Mclaren.

“In addition to those projects identified by the Premier, we urge the NSW government to look at other urgent infrastructure needs in Western Sydney, including the rapid completion of the South-West rail link, a start on the Parramatta- Epping rail link and essential cross regional transport links, “ Clr McLaren added.




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