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Manufacturing inquiry vital for Western Sydney

Media Release 30 August 2011

Western Sydney councils have thrown their support behind calls for a major inquiry into the manufacturing industry with WSROC President Clr Alison McLaren calling for urgent intervention to save the struggling sector.


“Manufacturing is the traditional lifeblood of Western Sydney,” Clr McLaren said.

“It contributes $13.2 billion of our region’s $85 billion economy and employs more than 102,000 people.

“Sixty per cent of the all the manufacturing jobs in Sydney are located in Western Sydney and the associated transport and logistics sector accounts for a further 36,000 jobs.

“But these numbers have dropping steadily over the past 20 years as the industry struggles against competition with China and other developing nations and with the demands of changing technology,” Clr McLaren said.

“At the same time unemployment is rising and our residents are forced to travel further afield to find alternate employment.”

Clr McLaren said, despite these negative trends, the manufacturing sector in Western Sydney represented a great opportunity to rebuild for the future.

“There is the potential here to utilise our strong manufacturing tradition and create a vibrant new sector by capitalising on the industries of the future such as clean energy and investing in new technologies,” she said.

“Western Sydney could provide the perfect template for building a strong and vibrant manufacturing sector for all Australia.

“We would strongly support an inquiry into the manufacturing sector as its survival and growth is crucial for our future economic growth and prosperity, not just of our region but for the whole country.”



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