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Developer-led planning strategy an insult to communities and councils – WSROC

Media Release 30th January 2012

Western Sydney councils have vowed to fight back over NSW Government plans to allow developers to decide where and what they build, branding it an insult to local residents and the government’s own planning department.


The President of the Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils, Clr Alison McLaren said yesterday that the Government was effectively marginalising the entire community from having any say in the growth and development of their neighbourhoods.

“Random and unplanned development that is driven solely by developer greed is a recipe for disaster,” Clr McLaren said.

“This is a short-sighted and ill-conceived response to the housing shortage and one which will not win any support from local communities or anyone else.

“The Government is giving control of planning policy to the most self-interested parties in the housing equation, with no regard to how these developments will be serviced or incorporated into a general planning strategy.

“The residents of Western Sydney are already suffering from a chronic shortage of infrastructure, transport and services – and this will only get worse.

“Developers have shown no interest in anything other than lining their own pockets - certainly not in investing in the building communities by providing transport and recreation facilities.”

“We have seen this already in their attempts to persuade IPART to drop requirements for parks and public spaces in development proposals and in their vehement opposition to Section 94 levies which contribute to councils building critical facilities such as footpaths, street lighting and guttering that the developers are not willing to build themselves.

“I note that the Premier’s directive for the suitability of these sites is that they should be developed within three years “at no extra cost to the Government.”

“This makes it clear that they have no intention of supporting these developments with roads, transport and other services.

“It also implies they expect councils and ratepayers to pick up the costs of making these housing sites liveable.

“By inviting developers to nominate where and what they build they have thrown the Metropolitan Planning Strategy to the wind.

“It makes a mockery of sound well-considered policies such as promoting urban infill over greenfield sites, protecting environmentally sensitive and peri-urban agricultural land, and ensuring that new developments are located in areas close to jobs and services. 

“This policy is an insult to the residents of Western Sydney and to the Government’s own planning department,” Clr McLaren said.



Contact: Clr Alison McLaren, WSROC President on 0410 441 842

Media Inquiries Karin Bishop, Deputy CEO on 0417 239 539


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