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New transport services must not come at expense of old – WSROC

Media Release 4th October 2011

Western Sydney Councils have welcomed the announcement of new off-peak bus and trains services for their region, but warned that they should not be introduced at the expense of regular peak services.


The president of the Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils, Clr Alison McLaren said the new services would provide more options for residents as they travel to and from work and improve their access to entertainment and weekend activities.

“In the past our residents have been restricted in their work and entertainment options by the timetables of the available public transport services,” Clr McLaren said.
“As a result they have either had to limit their activities or rely on their cars.

“Not only is this unfair, it simply adds to the problems of congestion and air pollution which are already at high levels in our region.

“So these extra services on nights and weekends are a good first step in providing greater flexibility in public transport options for our residents.”

“However, we seek the Government’s reassurance that these services are genuine extra services and not just the result of a timetable restructure.

“Western Sydney already suffers from insufficient services so while these new services are welcome, we do not want to see our regular existing services cut in order to supply them.

“Public transport improvements in Western Sydney need to be real and substantial, not just a trick of sleight-of-hand timetabling.”

Clr McLaren said reports in the media that the NightRide bus services would be co-ordinated with taxis services recognised some of the other problems affecting public transport users in the region.

“We are also pleased the State Government has taken safety issues into account, in providing a system to co-ordinate bus services with taxis at key stops,” she said.

“We would hope that the NSW Taxi Council throws its full support behind this initiative and encourages its drivers to focus more on Western Sydney.

“Too often our residents report that it is impossible to get a taxi in the Western Suburbs, and that even in the city, taxis are reluctant to go to the West.”

“This leaves our residents with no other alternative than to use their own cars.”




Media Inquiries Karin Bishop, Acting CEO on 0417 239 539

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