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Our Water Our Future winners to be announced - Multimedia Competition in Glenmore Park

Media Release 6 December 2011

Tuesday 6 December, 5:30 - 7pm, Floribunda Community Centre, Glenmore Park

Glenmore Park youth will celebrate the environment this evening when the winners of the multimedia competition Our Water Our Future: It’s Up To You! will be announced at the Floribunda Community Centre.


Over the last months, over thirty 12 – 17 year olds were asked to stand up and have their say on major environmental issues in their area through this Penrith based multimedia competition.

This unique competition had been put together by the Nepean Community and Neighbourhood Services (NCNS) for Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils’ (WSROC) Water in The Landscape program.

“WSROC is delighted to work with NCNS on this inspiring project,” WSROC President Clr Alison McLaren says.

“Getting young people involved in environmental issues can be challenging, but the project developed by NCNS has the perfect balance of creativity and skills development.

“It is a wonderful way to draw attention to the importance of water assets in our local communities and give young people a say in how our environments are managed.”

NCNS assisted the participants to develop media skills and explore water-related issues by offering free multimedia workshops and the opportunity to meet with Penrith City Council’s environment officers to discuss water management strategies in their area.

Glenmore Park High School incorporated the competition into their Year Seven curriculum in subjects such as English, Art and Science, to teach students about the issues of water management in their own Glenmore Park community and how it fits in across the wider Penrith region.

Animations, documentaries, photo montages or computer generated photos – all were used in this multimedia competition where the entries related to Glenmore Park’s waterways.

As one of Penrith’s largest and most rapidly developing housing estates with a high proportion of young people, Glenmore Park was the perfect choice in which to establish the competition.

“Our local youths have powerful messages for the community at large, and through this competition we allow their voices to be heard,” NCNS Project Manager, Domenica Stephenson says.

“We encouraged participants to use their creativity and get them thinking outside the box,” Ms Stephenson says. “It is wonderful to see how passionate they are about water.

“The participants have created powerful short films that will trigger some very interesting dialogues with viewers and the wider community.”

The decision to focus on Glenmore Park Loch was an obvious choice for NCNS as the lake struggles constantly with major weed and pollution problems.

“Our Neighbourhood Centre overlooks the lake and it is a very sorry sight to see the wildlife struggling through the weeds and rubbish,” Ms Stephenson says.

“Our Water Our Future” highlights the important work that council does in managing stormwater and protecting water quality in local creeks and rivers, but at the same time the project has a strong focus on the community’s role in keeping our waterways healthy.”

Our Water Our Future is part of the ‘Water in The Landscape Program’ run by WSROC and funded by the NSW Environmental Trust. The program uses cultural events, such as the multimedia competition, together with music and dance performances, community projects and school forums, to bring people together in appreciating and caring for the water in their environment.

More about Water in The Landscape on

All media are invited to attend the awards ceremony at the Floribunda Community Centre, Glenmore Park, tonight Tuesday 6 December, 5:30 - 7pm, Floribunda Community Centre, Glenmore Park



Media Inquiries Karin Bishop, Deputy CEO on 0417 239 539



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