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Western Sydney needs its own RDA - WSROC

Media Release 7 August 2012

Western Sydney must have its own separate Regional Development Authority to oversee the regeneration and promotion of the region into the nation’s leading economic powerhouse, according to a report commissioned by the Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils.


The Western Sydney region is the most vibrant and versatile region in our city and is the area of greatest potential for growth and opportunity,” Clr McLaren said. “It is time it was recognised in its own right and on its own merits.”

“Our region’s economy is already worth $85 billion a year – making it the nation’s third largest after Sydney and Melbourne – and yet the city of Melbourne has four separate RDAs.

“We are home to 1.9 million people – almost half the total population of Sydney, and that is expected to grow by 1 million over the next 25 years.

“We are driven by small business and family enterprises, and have the potential to become a centre of innovation and the digital economy.

“But for too long Western Sydney has just been regarded as a giant dormitory for the Sydney CBD.

“As a result we have not had the investment in infrastructure and job creation that we need. Transport is at a standstill and we already have a shortage of 182,000 jobs in the region – with current projections showing that this will increase to 290,000 by 2036.

“It’s time this region was given the recognition it deserves – the future of Sydney will depend on the economic, social and environmental health of Western Sydney.

“For this reason it is imperative that Western Sydney is given its own Development Authority which brings together all three levels of Government – Federal, State and Local - to focus on the issues of Western Sydney, rather than it being lost in the competing priorities of the rest of Sydney.

Clr McLaren said WSROC had taken the first steps to promote the region in commissioning a Future Directions paper which identified a series of key steps to building a new identity for the region.

“The WSROC Future Directions paper prepared by ARUP has turned the traditional view of Western Sydney on its head – instead of portraying it as the poor cousin with multiple problems and challenges, it has highlighted the positives and shown our region for what it is – a dynamic and untapped resource, with numerous areas for potential growth and opportunities.

“And key among the recommendations is the need for a new approach to the governance of our region – a truly co-operative approach from all tiers of Government vested in a designated Western Sydney Regional Development Authority.

“WSROC has shown by commissioning this report that we are willing to lead the way in establishing Western Sydney as a national economic powerhouse, and now call on the State and Federal Government to join us in taking the next steps to develop a truly regional plan, under the auspices of a new dedicated RDA.”

“What happens in Western Sydney over the next twenty years will frame the social and economic landscape of Sydney for generations to come.”



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