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M5 West expansion only half the story – WSROC

Media Release, December 21, 2011

Plans to increase the traffic capacity on the M5 West are a short term solution which will not provide a permanent solution to the transport needs of South West Sydney, the Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils said today.


WSROC President Alison McLaren said that the decision to widen the M5 West would also have flow on effects for the M5 East which is already choked beyond capacity.

She also said that keeping tolls in place for an extra three years to pay for the expansion would add an extra financial burden on families whose budgets are already stretched.

"We are pleased the Government has been able to reach agreement with Interlink, the operators of the M5 West, as these discussions have been going for some time, which has created great uncertainty for residents and businesses in the South West," she said.

"However, this expansion must be seen in context – it is at best a short term relief option to the problems facing commuters in the South and South West of Sydney.

"While it is important that the South West has a viable road network, the best long term solution is additional investment in public transport to fast track projects such as the South West Rail link."

Clr McLaren said the agreement to widen the M5 West would also have a flow-on effect for the M5 East which is already almost at capacity.

"The NSW Government must now put the M5 East expansion at the top of their list for priority road funding," she said.

"All the extra cars which are now going to be coming in from the South West are going to add to the congestion problems on the M5 East, which is already under a huge strain and will worsen with the opening of the Port Botany expansion next year.

"Combined with the extra traffic from the M5 West, this vital arterial road will be permanently at a standstill.

"The only long term solution is rail. The NSW Government must use the small amount of breathing space it will get from the M5 West expansion to seriously invest in improving our passenger and freight rail services so we can reduce our reliance on cars," Clr McLaren said.



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