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WSROC welcomes Infrastructure spending in NSW Budget

Media Release June 19, 2013

The Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils has welcomed the Government’s commitment to investing in infrastructure as the key platform of this year’s budget.


WSROC President, Clr Tony Hadchiti said the Government had recognised the need for urgent infrastructure spending and had at last started moving in the right direction.

“We welcome the substantial spending on major transport infrastructure projects in the Budget, including the ongoing funds for the North West and South West Rail link,” he said.

“We are also pleased the Government has decided to take the lead in building the first stages of the West Connex motorway. This will send the right message to the private sector which is often unwilling to take a risk on uncertain projects.

“In this case the Government’s willingness to invest in their own projects is a positive sign – and could be the first step in rethinking Treasury’s traditional reluctance to borrow to build.

“It shows the Government is aware of the serious backlog of major infrastructure projects we have in this city and is prepared to tackle them head on.

“WSROC has long argued that Governments need to be prepared to invest in their own schemes – it is worth borrowing the money we need to tackle the backlog now and start reaping the rewards of increased productivity that these projects will bring.

“We are also pleased to see transport initiatives to support employment growth in Western Sydney such as the 70 million allocated to upgrade Old Wallgrove Road and improve access to the Western Sydney Employment lands.

“However we would have liked to see the Government go further and look at additional public transport solutions for the West such as the Parramatta light rail link to promote travel around and across our city, rather than just in and out of the CBD.”

Clr Hadchiti said the cuts to payroll tax were also great news for Western Sydney where many jobs are driven by small business.

“We have a thriving economy – worth $90 billion to the national GDP annually but few realise it is 94% driven by small to medium enterprises,” he said.

“The changes to payroll tax will be great news for these businesses and allow them to take on more staff, providing more jobs for local people in their local areas.

“Hopefully both the State and Federal Governments will go further and look at other tax reforms which could encourage big business to relocate to the region as well.

Clr Hadchiti noted the increase in health spending, including improving and expanding hospital infrastructure in Western Sydney.

“We are delighted to see these new state-of-the-art hospitals being built in our area as Western Sydney lags well behind the rest of the city when it comes to health services, “ he said.

“However we would urge the Government to make sure they are fully staffed – with doctors, nurses and support staff so that they can be operational as well as architectural.”




Media Inquiries Karin Bishop, Deputy CEO on 0417 239 539


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