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Budget a “mixed bag” – commuters win while families lose – WSROC

Media Release May 15, 2013

The Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils has welcomed the investment in infrastructure outlined by the Federal Government in their Budget last night but warned that the working families of Western Sydney will carry the brunt of the Budget cuts.


“This budget will have a very mixed impact on our region,” WSROC President Clr Tony Hadchiti said.

“On the one hand, it will bring much needed infrastructure to Western Sydney but plans to remove tax cuts and medical deductions and the cut to the baby bonus will hit struggling families hard.

“The commitment of $1.8 billion to improve Sydney’s motorways will make it easier for our residents to access jobs and services, and the $400 million towards the F3-M2 link will build stronger connections between these two major growth regions of Western Sydney and the Central Coast.}

“However, this funding must be unconditional – we can’t have it tied up indefinitely with a series of impractical demands.” 

“And we welcome the guarantee of funding for the National Disability Insurance Scheme which will improve the lives of so many disabled people, their families and carers.
But Clr Hadchiti warned that the working families of Western Sydney would be hard hit by many of the budget provisions.

“Western Sydney families have been tightening their belts for a long time now – many of them are already at their limit and they can’t go any tighter.

“The postponement of the tax cuts which were promised to offset the impact of the carbon tax is nothing short of the breach of trust,” Clr Hadchiti said. “Families are already struggling with higher costs and power bills and many were counting on those tax cuts to make ends meet.

“Likewise, the scrapping of the baby bonus, on top of recent cuts to single parent benefits will place additional pressure on parents who are already financially vulnerable.

“In addition, cutting the tax deductions for extra medical expenses over $2000 will also be a serious financial blow to many of our residents.

“In Western Sydney we have levels of obesity, diabetes and other associated health issues are above the national average, while the average incomes in many areas are below the national average.

“These are the people, who already struggle to pay high medical bills, who most rely on this tax deduction and they are going to find it increasingly difficult to be able to afford the treatment they need.”

“We recognise that finances are tight at all levels of Government – no-one knows that better than local councils – but it seems under this budget, it will be the working families of Western Sydney who will be hardest hit.”



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