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NSW consultation processes short-change communities


Media release, 13 October 2021 

A lack of detail and insufficient time for reviewing state government planning and reform proposals is a recurring issue for local government, says WSROC.

WSROC President, Clr Barry Calvert, said “The inclusion of unresolved issues in public documents issued by the state government is a recurring problem that limits council and community participation in consultation processes.

“Where councils cannot provide feedback on major development proposals and reform in our region due to a lack of detail, the community is disadvantaged.

“Where community consultation is compressed into a very short timeframe, the integrity of the process is compromised. How can communities offer feedback on an incomplete picture?” he said. 

“The NSW Government’s rejection of requests from Liverpool and Penrith City Councils to postpone public exhibition of Aerotropolis planning documents pending further information is frustrating, but far from unique.

“I can count several instances in recent memory where unjustifiably short response timeframes have impacted councils’ engagement with major policy and development. For example, IPART reforms - including rate pegging and infrastructure contributions, the Western Sydney Aerotropolis SEPP, and the EIS of the Warragamba Dam raising, to name a few.

“These are major developments in our region, yet in each instance, councils were simply not given the time or detail required to enable proper review of issues with significant impact for our work and our communities,” said Clr Calvert.

“Councils play a crucial role at the interface of local communities. We are currently moving through complex changes, including return from COVID lockdown, and local government elections on

December 4. Given the need for transparency in consultation with communities, it’s unreasonable for councils to field incomplete planning proposals in unrealistic timeframes. 

“WSROC is pleased that the new NSW Cabinet has indicated a refreshed focus and funding for Western Sydney’s growth, communities and development. We are certain that the Premier’s vision includes working in firm partnership with the region’s councils, as the place-based level of government, to ensure transparency in planning for our communities,” said Clr Calvert.


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