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Stop the waste bin overflowing this Christmas

Media release, December 2014


Christmas can be a hard time on the environment. End-of-year festivities often mean mountains of discarded packaging, left-over food, as well as out-dated toys and electrical goods.

President of the Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils Cllr Tony Hadchiti, is calling on Western Sydney residents to be mindful of waste over the holiday season.

“There are many ways to reduce household waste during the festive season such as using recycled wrap, sending e-cards, and choosing gifts made from natural materials,” said Cllr Hadchiti.

“Despite best efforts we will all end up with some post-Christmas waste, but savvy residents can help the environment by diverting as much as possible from their red garbage bin,” he said.

Here are several ways to recycle or reuse common items.

Paper wrapping can be recycled quite easily, but the foil-based wrap can’t. Store this in the cupboard for school holiday crafts.

Left over plastic bags can be recycled by dropping off at most major supermarkets. Look for the plastic bag recycling bins at the front of stores.

Soft plastics such as pasta and rice bags, lolly and biscuit packets as well as clean plastic wrap can now be recycled via special REDcycle bins at many major supermarkets.

Received a new phone or tablet for Christmas? Consider selling old devices, recycle unwanted phones at telephone retailers, or ask your local council about electronic waste recycling points.

Polystyrene from children’s toys, bulky electronics and other gifts can be recycled at selected centres in Sydney.

Visit Planet Ark’s Recycling Near Youwebsite for address details.

Artificial Christmas trees cannot be recycled, but real Christmas trees can be cut up and included in green waste collection services.

Take extra care to prevent food wastage. Only open what you need, use left-overs the following day, or freeze for a later date.

Visit the Love Food Hate Waste website for more tips on preventing food waste.

For more information on local recycling initiatives visit www.recyclingnearyou.com.au.


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