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Sustainable coffee scheme thrives in Western Sydney

Media release, 20 May 2021

Western Sydney cafes and coffee lovers have saved almost 30,000 single use takeaway cups from going into landfill, in the first 12 months of the Refill Don’t Landfill swap-and-go program.

Rising to the challenges of 2020, Western Sydney coffee drinkers and businesses have embraced the program, placing the region squarely on the map of sustainability-conscious communities.

Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (WSROC) partnered in 2020 with Australian sustainability champions, Green Caffeen, introducing the established reusable coffee cup system to Western Sydney as a way for cafes to save money and reduce waste. 
In its first year, the EPA-funded Refill Don’t Landfill campaign saw 45 local cafes sign up and more than 1000 locals download and register, using the Green Caffeen app. In 2021, WSROC extended participation in the scheme for a further six months.  

WSROC President Barry Calvert said, “These results are remarkable and reflect our region’s prioritisation of finding more ways to reduce waste in our daily lives. The Refill Don’t Landfill campaign locates Western Sydney as part of a growing network of communities, promoting a more sustainable approach.    

“We know that single use plastics are harmful to the environment and to the health of the planet, yet in Australia alone, more than a billion single use takeaway cups are sent to landfill every year. It takes a concerted effort between businesses, government and people to deliver change.  

“Despite the challenges of COVID-19, businesses continued to adapt and support the program. These results were achieved in a year of unprecedented social and commercial challenges, yet we have seen these substantial results. I commend our region’s cafes and communities for signing up and persisting throughout those trying times and I look forward to the results to come,” said Clr Calvert.  

While undeniably challenging, local cafes incorporated new protocols at the onset of the pandemic, which incorporated COVID-safe practices and provided assurance to customers, which helped to keep the program in place.    

The app-based Green Caffeen reusable cup scheme is free to use and features a map identifying where to locate your nearest participating café. The scheme is in place Australia-wide, and you can return your coffee cup to any participating café.  

Key stats for ‘Refill Don’t Landfill’ campaign:  

  • Total cups saved: 29,822  
  • Total users: 1062  
  • Region active cafes: 45  
  • Full bins saved from landfill: 299  
  • Trees still standing: 13  
  • Carbon offset: 1.63Tonnes 

    To find out more or to sign up, visit  


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