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Media release, 6 July 2017

WSROC will monitor the performance of the widened M4 over the coming month to ensure commuters feel they will get value for money from the $4.56 toll.

WSROC President Cr Bali said “Both the Australian and NSW Governments have promised Western Sydney commuters significant time savings from WestConnex, and as paying customers we expect to see results.

“Premier Berejiklian has promised that the benefits of the widened M4 will outweigh the cost of using it. I sincerely hope so, but will be relying on user feedback to determine whether this is the case,” he said.

“I encourage all M4 users to share their experience of the widened upgrade with WSROC by sending their complaints or compliments to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or complete our short M4 toll survey.

“Alternatively, users can tweet #M4toll or post to the M4 Toll facebook page,” he said.

“Driver feedback will contribute significantly to WSROC’s assessment of the M4 to see if actual travel time savings are achieved. If not WSROC will be making strong representations to the NSW Government,” said Cr Bali.

“We understand the necessity of tolls for funding public infrastructure, but do not believe road users should pay before they benefit,” said Cr Bali.

“WSROC believes that east-bound travel will not be improved at all until the next section of the M4 East is opened in 2019 and therefore city-bound road users should not be paying any tolls until then.

“The $2,500 saved by a full time worker over the two years is money better spent getting kids to sport and paying off the mortgage,” said Cr Bali.

“$4.56 is a significant amount, particularly when you compound this with other tolls paid by long distance commuters across the motorway network,” he said.


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