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Toll or time: the cruel choice for Western Sydney

Cars travelling towards the city in morning peak hour. Cars travelling towards the city in morning peak hour.

Media release, 8 September, 2017


The Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (WSROC) has rejected Minister Ayres’ claim that the Government is not funnelling motorists onto the tolled M4 because drivers have a choice. 

WSROC President Cr Stephen Bali said “The Government continues to tell us that Western Sydney drivers can use alternatives if they don’t want to pay a toll, but these alternatives are unviable and are set to become less so.

“The Government’s own EIS states that Parramatta Road cannot be considered a viable alternative to the M4 because it is designed to provide local access and is already at capacity[i].  

“When WestConnex was put forward by Infrastructure NSW, one of its key objectives was to reduce pressure on Parramatta Road to allow for the corridor’s urban renewal[ii],” he said.

“Plans for Parramatta Road aim to reduce its capacity as a thoroughfare and return it to the local community. This includes reducing the number of lanes, adding a cycleway, a dedicated bus lane widened footpaths and 27,000 additional dwellings[iii].

“We do not for a minute suggest the revitalisation of Parramatta Road should not happen, but if increasing the capacity of one road and reducing the capacity of its alternative isn’t funnelling, I don’t know what is,” said Cr Bali.

“Funnelling ensures these ‘free’ alternatives are so costly to quality of life and family that there is no real choice for commuters.

“Surely, if the Government is serious about reducing pressure on Parramatta Road and improving quality of life for Western Sydney, significantly reducing the M4 toll would produce a much better outcome?” said Cr Bali.



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[i] there is also no spare capacity within the [Parramatta Road] corridor as a whole to provide an alternative to the M4 Motorway.”

WestConnex M4 Widening, 14 Traffic and transport working paper. (August, 2014). Available from:

[ii] "When WestConnex was originally put forward by Infrastructure NSW in 2012, one of its central features was to enable urban renewal and regeneration along Parramatta Road. This remains one of the main objectives of the project…These improvements… rely on the successful delivery of WestConnex to first manage and minimise growth of traffic on surface roads.

Updated Strategic Business Case for WestConnex (November 2015). Available from:

[iii] "The WestConnex project provides the opportunity to redefine Parramatta Road’s role and function …It will change traffic volumes on the road, which in turn will enable the improvement of public transport and urban amenity to support growth…Work with Councils to review and implement development and parking controls to manage car based demand.

Draft Parramatta Urban Renewal Strategy. (February 2015). Available from:

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