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Transport inequity goes further than ferries

Media release, 5 March 2020

WSROC has called on the NSW Government to review transport priorities, following recent news reports that point to inequitable access to public transport for Western Sydney, and a startling shortfall in planned projects to service the region’s future populations.

WSROC President, Clr Barry Calvert, said “Projects such as the Sydney Metro West and WestConnex are only just catching up to barely meeting the needs of the current population. Where is the vision and planning for the Western Sydney of 2036, 2056?

Nine News has reported an “extraordinary contrast”[1] between public ferry services available to Western and Eastern Sydney residents, while the Sydney Morning Herald indicated that more people are already using the state’s public transport network than the government had predicted would occur in ten years’ time[2].

Clr Calvert said, “The NSW Government continues to talk about building liveable 30-minute cities, however this narrative is not reflected in the current allocation of funding for transport projects.

“Recently announced population projections for Western Sydney indicate that the region will be home to the largest percentage of greater Sydney’s people[3]. We can’t all travel to work in the east”, said Clr Calvert.

He continued, “Current transport infrastructure projects reflect the same old funnelling of Western Sydney residents out of the region, to jobs in the east. These projects do not give our future communities any guarantees, in terms of accessibility to work opportunities from future employment hubs, such as the aerotropolis.

“How does this fit a sustainable, liveable, 30-minute cities narrative?

“Western Sydney’s impoverished, convoluted public transport network falls well short of the mandate behind the Future Transport Plan: ‘putting the customer at the heart of everything we do.[4]

“There are 2.5 million customers currently not being served. In 2036, 3 million people – or more than 51 per cent of Greater Sydney’s population – will be waiting for trains, buses and transport infrastructure that supports an equitable level of access and quality of life, as expected by Sydneysiders living in the east.

“North-south transport infrastructure is urgently needed in Western Sydney, to open up new opportunities in the region and create a multi-destinational transport network, rather than continuing to reinforce the same old Sydney CBD-centred model.”

Clr Calvert continued, “Planning that lacks vision, that does not include access to transport, undermines the growth narrative on which future populations depend for quality of life and to support jobs close to home.”

“WSROC calls for a re-examination of current investment priorities and a forward-facing vision: to build a reliable regional public transport network that will serve the Western Sydney of 2056.

“The NSW Government needs to go back to the drawing board and review what the transport plan was initially structured to achieve: putting the customers at the heart of planning for future growth. Planning must presume the provision of an equitable degree of liveability to the people of Western Sydney,” said Clr Calvert.


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