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Western Sydney heritage under threat

Windsor Bridge and Thompson Square, 1879, courtesy State Library of NSW Windsor Bridge and Thompson Square, 1879, courtesy State Library of NSW

Media Release, 9 July 2020, WSROC has come out in support of Hawkesbury City’s ‘Windsor Bridge Saved by the Bell’ campaign, arguing that local heritage is both critical for identity and liveability in place and invaluable to sustaining local tourism economies.

Western Sydney is home to some of Australia’s first settlements and oldest heritage assets, including indigenous cultural sites.  It is WSROC’s assertion that, where possible, the recognition of heritage significance and the preservation of cultural collateral is crucial to creating communities that are connected by a sense of place.

WSROC President Cllr Barry Calvert stated, “As a young and growing region, Western Sydney’s future identity will be determined by the choices we are currently making around demolishing heritage sites.

“In the past the Rocks in Sydney’s CBD was preserved in the face of development threat; subsequently it has become an internationally-recognised tourism hub, loved by all of Sydney for its preservation of time, place and post-colonial heritage.

“Provenance cannot be purchased. Assets such as the Windsor Bridge form an important link with the past which, with a bit of imaginative planning, can be repurposed to foster community connection in the future.

“We appeal for state and federal government support: these sites should be regarded as priceless assets, fundamental for community and for what place will mean in the future,” said Cllr Calvert.

“It takes time to accrue heritage structures and a sense of provenance in place. This should not be simply thrown away.”

Built in 1874, Old Windsor Bridge is identified as being a site that offers significant potential as a pedestrian walkway, for active recreation, and to connect open space west of the Hawkesbury River with the Windsor town centre. Willow Grove and St George’s Terrace in Parramatta are two additional pieces of Western Sydney post-colonial heritage currently slated for demolition under development proposals.


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