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Western Sydney light rail should support north-south corridor

Media release, June 10, 2015

The Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (WSROC) has urged the NSW Government to consider the needs of residents over the voice of investors when deciding on a route for the first stage of the Western Sydney Light Rail Network.

WSROC President Cllr Tony Hadchiti said that while a Westmead to Strathfield route would be welcomed by many commuters, public transport options servicing the north-south corridor should be the priority.

“We have a backlog of public transport need in Western Sydney, and catering for potential future development rather than existing commuter need is irresponsible,” he said.

“Currently, our public transport lines are very city-centric; moving west to east. The first stage of the Western Sydney Light Rail Network provides an opportunity to free up commutes along the north-south corridor between Parramatta, Epping and Macquarie Park in the North, as well as Bankstown and Liverpool in the South,” said Cllr Hadchiti.

“Strengthening Western Sydney’s strategic centres is a key goal of the NSW Government’s metropolitan strategy, and breaking down the barriers between north west and south west Sydney, is the best way to achieve that,” said Cllr Hadchiti.

“Easing commuter congestion means linking these regional centres, reducing the city-centric nature of Sydney, and building job opportunities closer to where people live,” he said.

WSROC also urged the Government to maintain a long-term vision when pinning down the final details of the project.

“Any new transport project must be built to cater for the increased demand that will be created by linking these two rapidly growing regions. Additionally, we need to ensure the final route links with both current and proposed public transport services,” said Cllr Hadchiti.

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