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Western Sydney onboard for 2030 emissions target

Solar panels in Western Sydney Solar panels in Western Sydney


Media release, 29 September, 2021

The Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (WSROC) has applauded the NSW Government’s commitment to more ambitious 50 per cent emission reduction target for 2030, stands ready to help deliver.

WSROC President, Clr Barry Calvert, said “Western Sydney communities are already experiencing the impacts of climate change, including more frequent and severe extreme weather such as heatwaves, bushfire and floods.

“Prioritising emission reductions is critical to ensure our Western Sydney communities remain liveable into the future. Recent research has shown that some Western Sydney suburbs are already reaching life-threatening temperatures of over 50 degrees in summer ,” he said.

“Western Sydney councils have been collaborating on reducing emissions for many years as part of the WSROC-led Western Sydney Energy Strategy. Our efforts to date have resulted in a reduction of 338,134t CO2e. This is in on top of targets and programs implemented by individual councils,” he said.

“Councils not only recognise the need to mitigate climate change, we also see the economic potential of transitioning to a low carbon economy. As one of Australia’s largest economies, and a manufacturing and logistics powerhouse, Western Sydney has the infrastructure and the workforce to make this happen,” said Clr Calvert.

“We would welcome collaboration with the NSW Government to ensure we make the most of this transition. As identified by the Government, a transition to transport electrification is a great and important first step.

“Western Sydney councils are ready to transition their fleets and work with the NSW Government on prioritising EV charging infrastructure across the region,” said Clr Calvert.

The Western Sydney Energy Program Strategy was developed in 2019, with initiatives being implemented 2019- 2021.

Participating councils include: Blacktown, Blue Mountains, Hawkesbury, The Hills, Lithgow, Liverpool and Parramatta.




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