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WSROC commends resilience, extends support to Fairfield

WSROC Executive: not pictured: Senior vice President Clr Tony Bleasdale WSROC Executive: not pictured: Senior vice President Clr Tony Bleasdale


Media release, 15 July 2021


Barry Calvert, President of WSROC sent a message of support for Fairfield City local government area and communities today, saying that the collective resources of WSROC member councils were at the Council’s disposal. 

“WSROC member councils know something about facing down natural disasters. In the past two years we have borne bushfires, extreme heat events and disastrous floods – now, in the midst of the pandemic, our resilience is once again tested. 

“May I send a resounding message of encouragement and support to the residents of Fairfield City. You have met this test admirably, your collective efforts are working to counter the surge and are making a difference. WSROC extends our wholehearted support and resources to you. 

“It is the case that Western Sydney communities such as Fairfield and Cumberland Cities welcome a high number of temporary visa holders, newly-settled citizens and refugees. This is a distinction to be celebrated, as our cultural diversity brings wonderful character and quality to our cities, which becomes part of our collective identity,” said Clr Calvert.  

“In this very difficult and challenging moment for Greater Sydney, WSROC commends the NSW Government in addressing the unfolding crisis. We urge the State to ensure that communications are constructed to readily reach all of our communities, and extend our support to assist in any way.”


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