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WSROC councils in Lithgow City

WSROC member councils and staff at Mt Piper power station WSROC member councils and staff at Mt Piper power station

Media release 22 May, 2019

WSROC member councils toured Lithgow City in late May, taking the opportunity to learn more about WSROC’s most westerly region and gateway to the Central West.

Council representatives and WSROC staff took in key historic, industrial and tourism hubs in the district, exploring avenues for potential partnerships and projects, prior to attending the WSROC Board meeting in Lithgow City.

Since joining WSROC in 2018, Lithgow City’s membership has extended the Western Sydney footprint and created opportunities for new strategic endeavours for better community outcomes.

Lithgow’s industry, location and enviable, low-density living bring new possibilities to Sydney’s growth west of the city, including Western Sydney Airport and aerotropolis.

WSROC President Cr Barry Calvert observed that the meeting in Lithgow City allowed member councils to engage with their newest partner first-hand, saying, “The agricultural, manufacturing and industrial bases in Lithgow represent a wealth of opportunity for harnessing Western Sydney’s growth and yielding benefits for our businesses and communities.”

“Improved trans-Blue Mountains transport links, manufacturing, tourism, industry and economic connections are only some of the possibilities.

The continuing growth of the region – and particularly the Western Sydney airport – gives Western Sydney pause to re-think the broader identity of our region,” said Cr Calvert.

“WSROC commends Lithgow City‘s progressive strategic plan that stands to make the most of the City’s exceptional resources and transform perceived perimeters between regional NSW and metropolitan Sydney.

“By seeking ways to harness these resources, businesses and communities alike will benefit. We will be working together with Lithgow City and our other member councils, to identify goals and opportunities and to advocate for their realisation,” said Cr Calvert.


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