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WSROC welcomes holistic approach to West

Greenfield development on the edge of Sydney. Greenfield development on the edge of Sydney.

Media release, 20 June, 2016

The Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (WSROC) has welcomed the NSW and federal governments’ announcement of a targeted and comprehensive plan to tackle housing, employment and transport in Sydney’s West.

WSROC President Cllr Tony Hadchiti said after strong campaigning, we are finally seeing a holistic approach to building Western Sydney, one that is supported by both state and federal governments, and works in partnership with local councils.”

“Our region is growing so rapidly that we simply must have a plan for its development,” he said.

“It seems like a simple thing, but a coordinated plan for the region, one that looks at where housing, employment and transport links are placed, and how they work together as a system is something that has been neglected in the past,” said Cllr Hadchiti.

 “Previous neglect has resulted in well over 200,000 Western Sydney residents leaving the region for work each day.

“Those lucky enough to secure a job in the region, are faced by a severe shortage of transport options. To date, most of Western Sydney’s key employment precincts are not connected by public transport.

“We hope that the proposed City Deals will help address the gaps in Western Sydney’s transport network and help connect Western Sydney with Western Sydney,” he said.

“This is also the first time we have had an overt commitment to capitalise on the economic activity that would be generated by an airport at Badgerys Creek,” said Cllr Hadchiti.

“The Prime Minister has acknowledged that the 40,000 new jobs over 20 years is not enough, that we must do better to make this project a success,” he said.

“The Prime Minister has also acknowledged the sheer number of people who will be living within the vicinity of the airport – 1.4 million.

“This is significant, because in addition to planning for jobs, for transport and for housing, we must ensure that the environmental and social impacts of this project are properly assessed, managed and mitigated,” said Cllr Hadchiti.

“WSROC has been campaigning hard for an all-of-government approach to planning Western Sydney and we whole-heartedly welcome the opportunity to work closely with both the state and federal governments to make Western Sydney an exemplar for modern cities,” said Cllr Hadchiti.


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