Monday, 24 July 2017 12:15

41 tonnes of asbestos collected

Asbestos removalists wrapping fibro sheet. Asbestos removalists wrapping fibro sheet.

The Western Sydney Regional Asbestos Disposal Scheme (WSRADS) has safely disposed of 41 tonnes of asbestos waste from homes across Western Sydney.

The NSW EPA-funded program, which ran between January and May 2017, offered Western Sydney homeowners free collection of small amounts of loose asbestos sheeting.

WSROC President Cr Stephen Bali said “The aim of the program was to help residents safely dispose of fibro sheeting that had been lying around in the backyard, behind the shed or in the garage for many years.

“We had an outstanding response from the community, with registrations quickly filling up across all participating council areas," he said.

“If disturbed or left to weather, unsealed asbestos sheeting becomes increasingly brittle and may begin to break down, releasing harmful asbestos fibres.

“Western Sydney councils wanted to help safely dispose of this asbestos before it reaches the high-risk stage, for the safety of the community," said Cr Bali.

“Collections were carried out by licensed asbestos removal contractors and were available for up to 10m2 of bonded asbestos.

“It is great to know that we have helped residents improve the safety of their homes, and provided plenty of advice on correct disposal to homeowners across the region," said Cr Bali.

The collections followed a similarly successful program run in late 2015.


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