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Building liveable cities

Young boy riding bicycle in leafy housing estate. Young boy riding bicycle in leafy housing estate.

Want to learn more about how we can build liveable cities of the future? These free events explore the latest research on urban heat, air quality, urban biodiversity and city living.


University of Sydney: Festival of Urbanism (31 July - 12 August, 2017)

Cities are more than their physical and spatial form, they are also patterns of living.

By looking deeper into the historical, political and economic forces that make up urban life, we create opportunities to ask questions and improve our knowledge to inform good planning. 

Let the University  of Sydney change your view of the city in a series of talks by researchers, industry professionals and community leaders, who are challenging practice and creating new approaches to planning and living in urban areas.

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UNSW: Cooling Cities National Forum (4 August, 2017)

This invitation-only event from UNSW’s Centre for Low Carbon Living (CLCL) will explore the latest research on urban microclimates and provide recommendations on urban heat mitigation strategies and technologies.  

The event will include the launch of CLCL’s new Guide to Urban Cooling Strategies, and attendees will hear an update on the recently commenced project developing an Urban Heat Island Mitigation Decision Support Tool.

A series of panel discussions will draw out present and future policy directions, industry perspectives and the latest international and national evidence for mitigation and planning. A full agenda will be provided shortly.

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University of Melbourne: Clean Air and Urban Landscapes Research Hub (3 August, 2017)

Are you interested in how cities are planned, designed or built? You are invited to join  University of Melbourne’s CAUL Hub at this important research update and planning workshop in Parramatta.

The CAUL Hub is undertaking research on environmental quality in urban areas that is relevant to the needs of decision makers in government and industry, as well as the general public.

We are undertaking major research projects in Air Quality, Urban Greening, Liveable Urban Systems and Urban Biodiversity. The workshop is presented in two sessions. Please join us for part or all of the day.

  • The Morning Session will provide an update on current research.
  • The Afternoon Session will be a series of guided discussions on our proposed research, for which we seek collaboration and feedback as to its relevance to decision makers, city practitioners and the wider research community.

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