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Councils commended for environmental excellence

Sustainable Living Blacktown banner at local event. Sustainable Living Blacktown banner at local event.

Western Sydney councils have once again shown they are leading the way on sustainability. With several winning and highly commended entries at the Local Government NSW Excellence in the Environment Awards.


Blacktown City Council

All Eyes on Blacktown: reducing takeaway litter through enforcement and fast food outlet partnerships (Highly Commended – Community Waste Services)

Like many areas, Blacktown City had a visual litter problem along the major arterial roads. With the assistance of a NSW EPA grant, Council's interventions at eight fast food outlets along 13 arterial roads and targeted enforcement led to an 82% reduction in litter in the project area.


Community garden and healthy living program (Highly Commended - Communication, Education and Empowerment)

The Community Garden and Healthy Living program focuses on improving the health and environmental knowledge of seniors from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds who are now living in Blacktown.  This partnership program started through discussions between Council and doctors at Blacktown Mt Druitt Community Health Service and was developed as an innovative approach to positively engage communities in the Blacktown area, where health issues, social exclusion and lack of knowledge of sustainable living remain areas of concern for each of the partner organisations.


Sustainable Living Blacktown (Highly Commended - Local Sustainability)

Blacktown City Council is committed to building the best, being a sustainable organisation and to be leaders in sustainability for the community. By using a multi-prong approach, consistent monitoring and evaluation, and being flexible and adaptable, Council can achieve its sustainability goals through community engagement and works programs.

Further information on Blacktown's Sustainable Living initiative


Liverpool City Council

Amalfi Park Basin: Brickmakers Creek flood mitigation project (Winner – Waste Management)

Brickmakers Creek was a primary cause of major flooding of the northern Liverpool CBD, a major highway and over-floor flooding of residential properties. Creek enhancement works achieved the primary objective of flood mitigation and also delivered multiple community benefits including provision of wetland, gross pollutant trap and bush regeneration to improve water quality and ecological health and establish active and passive recreation facilities.

Further information on the Brickmakers Creek flood mitigation project


City of Parramatta Council

Environmental Sustainability Strategy (Winner - Local Sustainability)

The City of Parramatta is experiencing a period of significant growth and transformation.  Currently home to more than 245,000 people, the population is estimated to increase to 400,000 by 2036. Recognising the need to manage this growth for the benefit of both existing and future communities, the Environmental Sustainability Strategy outlines key sustainability priorities to ensure that as the City grows, better quality of life is created, not just for people, but for all living things.

Further information on the Environmental Sustainability Strategy


To bin or not to bin, that is the question: The Riverside Theatres’ waste campaign (Winner – Behaviour Change in Waste)

The Riverside Theatre has a target of diverting 90% of its waste from landfill by 2038.  Through engagement and change in practices, the program approximately halved waste to landfill in the first year, significantly increased recycling and eliminated many forms of plastic waste.

Further information on The Riverside Theatre's waste campaign 



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