Tuesday, 31 May 2016 12:07

Councils eligible for refund under Container Deposit Scheme

Plastic bottles stacked and ready for recycling. Plastic bottles stacked and ready for recycling.

Further details on the NSW Government's Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) have been announced, confirming that both councils and consumers will be eligible to claim a refund on eligible containers.

The Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (WSROC) has been in consultation with the NSW EPA regarding this scheme since August 2015.

During the consultation WSROC and its councils have advocated for a cost-effective scheme that:

  • Offers refunds to consumers for items collected;
  • Accepts a wide range of container types and sizes; and
  • Allows councils to be eligible for a refund on eligible containers collected via kerbside recycling bins.

Commencing July 2017, the CDS will see consumers receive a 10-cent refund when they return an empty, eligible container to an approved collection depot or reverse vending machine. Additionally, councils may be eligible to claim refunds for containers collected via kerbside recycling bins.

To assist consumers identify eligible drink containers, the NSW Government will develop CDS labelling for eligible drink containers ranging between 150ml and 3 litres.

Following this announcement, the Minister for the Environment will appoint a CDS Implementation Working Group to develop an implementation strategy for the roll-out of the scheme.

The draft CDS Bill and accompanying legislation will be presented for public consultation later this year.

For more information visit the EPA website or view the webinar of the recent information sessions.  


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