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Cumberland, Parramatta councils elected

Cumberland Mayor Cr Greg Cummings (Left) City of Parramatta Lord Mayor Cr Andrew Wilson (Right). Cumberland Mayor Cr Greg Cummings (Left) City of Parramatta Lord Mayor Cr Andrew Wilson (Right).

After 16 months of administration, the new councils for Cumberland and City of Parramatta have been elected.

WSROC President Cr Stephen Bali said “I welcome the newly elected councillors for Cumberland and Parramatta, and look forward to working with their elected representatives to the WSROC Board over the coming year.

“A particular congratulations to Cr Greg Cummings and Cr Andrew Wilson on their appointment as Mayor of Cumberland and Lord Mayor of Parramatta respectively.

“I would also like to thank outgoing administrators Viv May and Amanda Chadwick for their valuable contribution to WSROC during the last year and a half, and wish them all the best in their future roles.


The representatives for the new councils are as follows:

Cumberland Council


Greg Cummings: Labor

Deputy Mayor

Eddy Sarkis: Our Local Community


George Campbell: Labor

Glenn Elmore: Labor

Joseph Rahme: Liberal

Kun Huang: Labor

Lisa Lake: Labor

Michael Zaiter: Liberal

Ned Attie: Liberal

Ola Hamed: Labor

Paul Garrard: Our Local Community

Ross Grove: Liberal

Steve Christou: Labor

Suman Saha: Labor

Tom Zreika: Liberal

City of Parramatta Council

Lord Mayor

Andrew Wilson: Our Local Community

Deputy Lord Mayor

Michelle Garrard: Our Local Community


Andrew Jefferies: Liberal

Benjamin Barrak: Liberal

Bill Tyrrell: Liberal

Bob Dwyer: Liberal

Donna Davis: Labor

Lorraine Wearne: Lorraine Wearne Independents

Martin Zaiter: Liberal

Patricia Prociv: Labor

Paul Han: Labor

Phil Bradley: Greens

Pierre Esber: Labor

Sameer Pandey: Labor

Steven Issa: Liberal

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