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Federal Election 2016: Arts and culture

Young child looking at an art installation in Western Sydney. Young child looking at an art installation in Western Sydney.


Western Sydney has long been a producer of quality artists and cultrual content, including sophisticated engagement with Pacific-Asian arts.

Existing cultural events such as Parramasala, Cabramatta Moon Festival and the Blacktown City Arts Prize all celebrate the diversity of Western Sydney and offer insight into the great potential for arts and tourism within the region.

During the last year much debate has centred on relocation of the Powerhouse Museum to Parramatta as well as the development of a cultural precinct in this vicinity.

However, the relocation of this iconic institution is just the first step towards addressing much wider issue; disproportionate investment in Western Sydney arts.

Last year's Deloitte report, which was jointly funded by the Sydney Business Chamber in partnership with Liverpool, Parramatta and Penrith City Councils highlighted that despite being home to one in 10 Australians, Western Sydney receives just one per cent of federal arts funding and 5.5 per cent of state arts funding.

In 2015-2016 the NSW Budget included a small increase in the percentage of funding dedicated to Western Sydney arts projects, however there is still a significant per capita funding discrepancy between this region and the Sydney CBD.

The 2016 Federal Budget did not include any measures to address this funding inequity.

Proportional investment in locally-relevant artistic exerpieces for Western Sydney residents - including world-class infrastructure, grants and support for Western Sydney artists and groups - will continue to be a priority for Western Sydney councils moving forward.


News articles from Western Sydney:

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