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Forum: engaging communities and facilitating change

WSROC council officers engaging at regional forum. WSROC council officers engaging at regional forum.

WSROC in partnership with Sydney Coastal Councils Group (SCCG) and UNSW’s Low Carbon CRC are hosting forum for local government professionals working in the energy efficiency and sustainability sectors.

Engaging communities and facilitating change will explore the latest research on sustainable design, energy efficiency and community engagement.

The forum will also help participants identify opportunities for collaboration, and scope potential projects across councils, WSROC, SCCG and the CRC.

Speakers include a range of experts working in local government, architecture and design, sustainability, social housing, cross-cultural engagement, social psychology and behaviour change.


When: 9:30am - 2.00pm, Friday 20th October

Where: Mantra Parramatta

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Aaron Davis
Aaron is a researcher, design educator, and PhD candidate at the University of South Australia. Aaron holds Masters degrees in Architecture and Sustainable Design, and undergraduate degrees in Architectural Studies and Classical Music Performance. Aaron regularly delivers design-thinking and co-creation workshops with community, industry, and educational groups and is currently involved in the design, development, and delivery of innovative inter-disciplinary teaching models in higher-education. Aaron’s PhD focuses on understanding the value of end-user engagement in design processes, and the application of a co-creation process to urban-scale development projects.

Professor Yoshi Kashima
Yoshi is Professor of Psychology at the University of Melbourne. His research focuses on cultural dynamics – the formation, maintenance, and transformation of culture over time with particular emphasis on culture of sustainability. He served as the President of the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology, and passionate about a translational social science that can make a difference to everyday life of ordinary people.

Dr. Edgar Liu
Edgar is a Research Fellow at UNSW Australia’s City Futures Research Centre. He has background in human geography, and his postdoctoral experience has focused on the shelter and non-shelter outcomes of social housing policies and programs across Australia. In 2016, he finished a project for the Cooperative Research Centre for Low Carbon Living on the barriers that lower income households across Australia faced in transitioning to low carbon, and devised potential solutions to overcoming these.

Kartik Madhira
Kartik works at the City of Parramatta Council. His role as a Sustainability Officer at the Council includes facilitating delivery of programs for households, businesses as well as Council operations. Outside professional life, Kartik is keen to explore opportunities to alleviate social issues impacting the society in this modern era and further contribute to discussions at local and global levels and influence the highest levels of decision making. He holds tertiary qualifications in environmental management and is also a graduate of the Centre for Sustainability Leadership’s Leaders for Sustainability program.

Dr Aneta Podkalicka
Aneta is a cultural and media researcher in the School of Media, Film and Journalism, Monash University. Her research has focused on the role of media in multiple social contexts, including youth media projects, consumption, and environmental sustainability. She is a chief investigator in the CRC Low Carbon Living project on media and home renovation practices (with Kath Hulse). Aneta has published in several major academic media and cultural studies journals. She is author of a forthcoming book Using Media for Social Innovation (with Ellie Rennie), and completing a book Grand Designs: Consumer Markets and Home Making (with Esther Milne and Jenny Kennedy).

Professor Deo Prasad AO
Deo is the CEO of the CRCLCL, an international authority on sustainable buildings and cities and among the leading advocates for sustainability in Australia. Deo has been received a number of awards including the Royal Australian Institute of Architect’s National Education Award for contribution to ‘sustainability education, research and design’, the NSW State Government’s individual GreenGlobe Award for ‘showing leadership and commitment to the supply of renewable energy’ and the Federal Government’s national award for ‘outstanding contribution to energy related research’. Deo is also the Director of the UNSW Centre for a Sustainable Built Environment (SOLARCH)

Dr. Stephen White
Stephen leads CSIRO's Energy Efficiency research and is a Program Leader in the Low-Carbon-Living Cooperative Research Centre. He chairs the Sustainable Housing Task Group for the Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council (ASBEC) and he oversees a range of tools for supporting efforts to encourage increased demand for environmentally sustainable housing. His research has resulted in IP commercialization through a number start-up companies. He is a member of the Australian Refrigeration and Building Services (ARBS) “Hall of Fame”

Anthony Wright
Anthony is a building designer, project manager and experienced Government program manager. He has more than a decade’s experience in leading teams to implement energy efficiency programs in the built environment. Anthony has also commercialised energy rating software, developed behaviour change programs, and delivered award winning energy efficiency programs. Anthony currently leads the strategic development of the NatHERS benchmark tool, the Liveability real estate marketing and communications program and other research programs focussed on generating consumer demand for sustainable housing.

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