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Western Sydney coffee lovers embrace sustainable future

 - Please note: While the Refill Don't Landfill Western Sydney project is currently in hiatus, WSROC and Green Caffeen encourage our stakeholders to wholeheartedly support our local cafes at this time.

Western Sydney cafes and coffee lovers are leading the shift towards a circular economy, by joining a free new regional scheme that reduces waste and increases sustainable living. 

Since the campaign launched earlier this month the response has been exceptional, with café-goers registering more than 6000 swap-&-go takeaways across the region.

Led by WSROC, in partnership with swap-and-go pioneers Green Caffeen, the Australian-made project with international following is already changing the face of takeaway coffee culture in the region – for the better.

Café owners in Blacktown, Fairfield, Hawkesbury, Liverpool, Parramatta, Penrith and the Hills have signed up to the swap-and-go initiative, which is a first for the region and is free for businesses and customers to use. Using the Green Caffeen app and swap-and-go system, coffees cost the same as a regular takeaway; if the café is part of the ‘Responsible Cafes’ initiative, the cost is less.

Cafes in the Hawkesbury and Blacktown hosted two launch events last week, with free coffees and a festive vibe, while teams from Green Caffeen and WSROC introduced customers to the program and app. Mayor Tony Bleasdale of Blacktown City attended funky Vibe Café near Blacktown Library, congratulating owner Andre, and chatting with keen constituents.

In Windsor, Kirsti Camilleri’s fast-paced Lime and Coconut Cafe busily served up free coffees in reusable swap-and-go cups, branded ‘Refill Don’t Landfill Western Sydney’. Mayor of Hawkesbury City, and WSROC President, Barry Calvert stopped for selfies with locals, before heading over to chic Loft Café on George Street, to support their continuing involvement with the program.

Green Caffeen swap-and-go coffee cups are made in Australia, from more than 90 percent recycled material. Café-goers can locate participating cafés using the Green Caffeen app; your takeaway coffee comes in a proudly Western Sydney-branded reusable cup, which you can return to any participating cafe.

A collective, regional approach to swap and go coffee cups means there is potential for making a bigger impact. With more cafes signing up, coffee lovers have a wider network of cafes to explore, creating a community of sustainable businesses. There are still limited spaces available for cafes in Western Sydney to sign up.

WSROC President Barry Calvert said, “Western Sydney communities and businesses are shifting towards resources that are re-usable and are locally made.

“The economic benefits go far beyond improving our approach to generating waste and a quest for more sustainable practices. Using locally-made products means money is being fed straight back into the economy of Australia.

“The Refill Don’t Landfill campaign is an opportunity for our region’s coffee lovers to walk the talk, in stepping up on sustainability. Potentially, it’s also a turning point for Western Sydney consumers and businesses, in navigating a whole new approach to waste,” said Clr Calvert.


Get the Green Caffeen app. This is where you’ll find cafes and keep track of your ordering.

Then -

  1. Order your coffee in a green Caffeen cup
  2. Use the app to update your order status: Grab, Swap, Drop
  3. Scan your phone camera at the scan code sticker
  4. Remember to drop your cup back within a month.


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