Thursday, 27 June 2019 09:45

Green light for Cool Suburbs

Green spaces and new developments Green spaces and new developments

Western Sydney is now one step closer to implementing best practice interventions, for dealing with the growing challenges of extreme heat.

WSROC has successfully applied for grant funding to implement the ‘Cool Suburbs’ initiative.

Building on theTurn Down the Heat strategy, ‘Cool Suburbs’ will help to build the region’s resilience and ability to mitigate and adapt to extreme heat, by assisting governments, developers and community to identify and implement best practice in urban cooling.

Western Sydney is hot and is set to get hotter, as green fields make way for new housing developments; exacerbating what scientists call the ‘urban heat island effect’.

Extreme heat causes major liveability and city resilience problems, with critical impacts for human health, infrastructure, emergency services and the natural environment.

Using the latest in data sensing, materials science, built environment planning and performance monitoring, ‘Cool Suburbs’ will develop a ‘cool score’ for new and existing suburbs.

‘Cool Suburbs’ is recognised as a Resilient Sydney flagship project, and will build on the existing Turn Down the Heat work. The ‘Turn Down The Heat Strategy’ connects organisations and individuals with influence over heat mitigation in Western Sydney, working together to develop a consistent understanding and approach to the challenge.

The project is a collaboration between WSROC, Resilient Sydney and the Greater Sydney Commission and will be delivered between 2019-2021.

Increasing resilience to Climate Change funding has been assisted by the NSW Government and is supported by Local Government NSW.

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