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Integrated planning for better places and environmental outcomes

Urban Planning and Environmental considerations grow resilient communities. Urban Planning and Environmental considerations grow resilient communities.

On Wednesday 26 June, Western Sydney councils’ planning and environment representatives came together with stakeholders from the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH),

the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) and Resilient Sydney, for an Integrated Planning workshop.

The event, hosted in collaboration with WSROC, NSROC and SSROC, aimed to inform strategic planning and enhance place-based and environmental outcomes aligned to the 

Greater Sydney Region PlanNSW Climate Change Policy Framework and the Resilient Sydney strategy.

Throughout the day, a range of experts were available to discuss data, tools and information to support multiple aspects to integrated planning – including water and waste management,

improving air quality, resilience to heat, flooding, climate change impacts and urban hazards.

The workshop provided practical guidance to assist councils with accessing and utilising data and information, to inform their Local Strategic Planning Statements and Local Environmental Plan review processes.

A similar workshop was hosted for Eastern, South and North Sydney districts in 27 June.

OEH, EPA and Resilient Sydney are committed to continue their support of Local Government. It is anticipated that this workshop will be the first in a series of similar, ongoing engagements that will help support

councils to achieve better planning outcomes.

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