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Light Years Ahead finalist in Green Globe Awards

Endeavour energy installer changing over street light. Endeavour energy installer changing over street light. Photo: Endeavour Energy

WSROC’s energy-saving Light Years Ahead program has been nominated for another award*, being named as a finalist in the Green Globe Awards for environmental sustainability.

Managed by WSROC on behalf of nine participating councils, Light Years Ahead was one of Sydney’s largest energy reduction projects.

The project replaced nearly 15,000 old mercury-vapour street lights with energy-efficient LED technology across 136 Western Sydney suburbs.

Over the 20-year life of the new lights, the upgrades will save participating councils over 91,000 tonnes of greenhouse emissions and almost $20 million in energy costs.

Councils have also had flow-on benefits from the program including – greater awareness and support for sustainability initiatives, and a greater understanding of the commercial dynamics of purchasing energy and paying maintenance costs.

WSROC is currently working with a number of councils regarding further energy efficiency upgrades under a continuation of the Light Years Ahead program.


*Light Years Ahead received an award for Climate Change Action in the 2016 LGNSW Excellence in the Environment Awards.


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