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Light Years Ahead Jan roll-out update

New LED street lights at Bligh Park, Hawkesbury local government area New LED street lights at Bligh Park, Hawkesbury local government area Credit: Serge Golikov

The Light Years Ahead LED street light project, which received funding from the Australian Government, continues to pass milestones.

At the end of January 2016 Endeavour Energy crews had installed 11,344 LEDs across the nine participant councils – 754 lights since November 2015. This milestone means 87% have been completed out of the 13,000 lights earmarked for the project.

Two councils, Hill Shire and Holroyd, completed their targets and have been able to install extra LEDs.

The roll-out statistics for each of the participating councils is listed below. The figures are the number of lights installed, the number of lights earmarked for installation through the project, and the percentage completed (a rounded figure to the nearest percent).

  • Blacktown – 2,075 installed, over 2,250 lights earmarked, 92% complete
  • Blue Mountains – 134 installed, over 650 earmarked, 21% complete
  • Fairfield – 1,010 installed, over 1,180 lights earmarked, 85% complete
  • Hawkesbury – 227 installed, over 550 lights earmarked, 41% complete
  • Hills Shire – 1,615 installed, over 1,410 lights originally earmarked yet council was able to replace 205 more lights, 100% complete
  • Holroyd – 940 installed, over 770 lights originally earmarked yet was able to install 170 more lights, 100% complete
  • Liverpool – 3,137 installed, over 3,700 earmarked, 84% complete
  • Parramatta – 903 installed, over 920 earmarked, 98% complete
  • Penrith – 1,303 installed, over 1,810 earmarked, 72% complete

The roll-out is being noticed and commended by residents, with positive comments received by the project team through the community events program.

Recently, the project’s event booth travelled to the Australia Day celebrations in Parramatta Park. The next stop is the Hawkesbury Show in April.

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