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Light Years Ahead reaches half-way point

LED street light installed at bus stop in Western Sydney LED street light installed at bus stop in Western Sydney Photo: Serge Golikov

A major LED street lighting replacement project involving nine Western Sydney councils has passed the halfway point. The Western Sydney councils participating in the project are Blacktown, Blue Mountains, Fairfield, Hawkesbury, Hills Shire, Holroyd, Liverpool, Parramatta and Penrith.

At the end of October, crews had installed 8,188 LED street lights, approximately 63% of the 13,000 earmarked for replacement on the Light Years Ahead project. Six of the nine councils involved in the project have already installed half of their allocation of LEDs.

The project is estimated to save participating councils $20 million and 74,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions over the next 20 years.

The Light Years Ahead project is coordinated by Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (WSROC).

WSROC President Cllr Tony Hadchiti noted, “This important halfway milestone is time to celebrate. We are proud to be adding to the growing number of LED street lighting projects.”

“It’s not just Western Sydney looking at street lighting and the benefits of LEDs. WSROC has received calls and emails from other states and territories, to see how we’ve gone about it. We are happy to share our insights and looking at where to next.”

“Infrastructure projects of this size don’t just happen. Council staff involved in the project include General Managers, engineers, public domain managers, sustainability and finance staff. The mayors and councillors have been active in promotion and each person has been crucial for Light Years Ahead.”

Street lighting accounts for around 55% of councils’ total energy costs. The project is one of many LED street light projects underway in Australia and overseas.

WSROC has been crucial in negotiations with Endeavour Energy, who owns the street lights covered by the project.

“Rather than nine councils separately speaking with Endeavour Energy, WSROC is streamlining these conversations on behalf of our councils,” said Cllr Hadchiti.

“We have negotiated the best prices and worked through options for the LEDs, for installation costs and for the removal and recycling of the old mercury vapour lights. Nine councils give this project a powerful voice which proved to be a very efficient way to approach major street lighting upgrades.”

The Light Years Ahead project received funding of $5.3 million from the Australian Government and $2.6 million in funding provided by the nine participating councils and WSROC. Installation is expected to be completed by March 2016 with wrap up reporting and analysis to follow. The project concludes in May 2016.

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Summary of October progress statistics:

At the end of October 2015 Endeavour Energy crews had installed 8,188 LEDs across the nine participant councils, which is approximately 63% of the lights earmarked for the project.

The roll out statistics for each of the participating councils is listed below. The figures are the number of lights installed, the number of lights earmarked for installation through the project, and the percentage completed (a rounded figure to the nearest percent).

  • Blacktown – 1,418 installed, over 2,250 lights earmarked, 63% complete
  • Blue Mountains – 99 installed, over 650 earmarked, 15% complete
  • Fairfield – 920 installed, over 1,180 lights earmarked, 78% complete
  • Hawkesbury – 91 installed, over 550 lights earmarked, 17% complete
  • Hills Shire – 934 installed, over 1,410 lights earmarked, 66% complete
  • Holroyd – 456 installed, over 770 lights earmarked, 59% complete
  • Liverpool – 2,824 installed, over 3,700 earmarked, 76% complete
  • Parramatta – 591 installed, over 920 earmarked, 64% complete
  • Penrith – 855 installed, over 1,810 earmarked, 47% complete


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