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Light Years Ahead - The final count down

LED street lights in Voyager Point, Liverpool LGA. LED street lights in Voyager Point, Liverpool LGA. Credit: Serge Golikov

Light Years Ahead, the Western Sydney LED street lighting project, is entering the final phase of the project timeline. LED lighting installations are expected to be finished in March with media, communications, events and reporting wrapped up by June.

The project, involving nine Western Sydney local councils, is changing over approximately 13,000 mercury vapour street lights to new energy efficient LED street lights. This activity received funding from the Australian Government.

At the end of October 2015 the project passed the installation halfway mark with 63% of the lights completed. By the end of November 2015 81% of the allocated LEDs were fitted and two councils, Holroyd and the Hills Shire, had installed all of their earmarked lights.

Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (WSROC) President Cllr Tony Hadchiti said, “The Light Years Ahead project has been a major achievement for our councils. It’s a massive infrastructure project that showcases local councils reducing their energy use and implementing their sustainability strategies.”

“This partnership has also been an important progression of the existing relationship between councils and Endeavour Energy. The conversations we’ve had, terms negotiated, and work that has been completed have all laid a precedent for future projects. We want to continue to roll-out more LEDs and are confident with how discussions are progressing”, he continued.

A feasibility study is under way which will provide the participant councils with data and options for continuing to roll out LED street lights beyond the project.  In December a Clean Energy Finance Corporation's (CEFC) media statement announced financing options  for local councils for energy conservation projects.

The WSROC President said, “The CEFC announcement is promising and should be commended. Light Years Ahead has been a great local and Australian Government collaboration. The CEFC program shows the Australian Government recognises the importance of continuing support for local councils so they can get energy-savings projects, including LED street lighting ones, off the ground.”

“Major upgrades to local infrastructure take large upfront capital. Local councils in Western Sydney, can use support in whatever form - in the form of government grants, loans, or other funding partnerships.”

To celebrate and record the achievement of the project, a series of night photography was commissioned by WSROC.  Western Sydney photographer, Serge Golikov, was worked on this exiting project from October last year. Serge and Nicole Miller, the Light Years Ahead Media and Communications Officer, travelled to all nine Western Sydney Local Government Areas to capture LED street lights in the twilight hours and evenings. The pair travelled to suburbs in Blacktown, Blue Mountains, Fairfield, Hawkesbury, Hills Shire, Holroyd, Liverpool, Parramatta and Penrith.

To view the photography highlights go to the WSROC Flickr album or the WSROC Facebook.    

To follow the final stages of the LED street light roll-out in Western Sydney go to


Acknowledgement and disclaimer

This activity received funding from the Australian Government.

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Two LED street lights in Prairewood, Fairfield LGA either side of large house and fence

Houses in Prairewood in Fairfield LGA flanked by three new LED street lights

Credit: Serge Golikov


LED street light in Prairewood, Fairfield LGA, with car trail lights streaking by the middle of the shot

LED street light in Prairewood, Fairfield LGA, with car tail lights streaking by.

Credit: Serge Golikov


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