Tuesday, 01 March 2022 17:40

Litter reduction plan recognised at waste summit

WSROC Regional Waste Coordinator, Amanda Bombaci, presenting to the Waste Strategy Summit WSROC Regional Waste Coordinator, Amanda Bombaci, presenting to the Waste Strategy Summit

The five-year Western Sydney Regional Litter Plan has been recognised at the Waste Strategy Summit in February, with Regional Waste Coordinator, Amanda Bombaci presenting key learnings and successes of the five-year program.

The Western Sydney Regional Litter Plan was delivered by WSROC in partnership with staff from nine Western Sydney councils, and over its five-year duration, has achieved outstanding reductions of litter at program sites, including:

  • 36% reduction of roadside litter
  • 46% reduction in cigarette butt litter
  • 95% reduction in takeaway packaging litter

WSROC President, Clr Barry Calvert, said “Litter is a major, ongoing cost for councils.

“Working together has allowed council officers to learn from each other, pool resources, try new approaches and ensure consistent messaging across the region – each achieving much more than we could have individually.

“It’s also important to recognise that litter doesn’t stop at LGA boundaries. Our region is interconnected, with residents from the same household living and working in different locations across Western Sydney – collective action makes sense,” he said.

Through the regional litter plan, WSROC has been able to deliver a range of initiatives in partnership with, and to support council teams, including:

  • Litter baseline studies to better understand the cost of litter to councils and the region
  • Community engagement, education, and performance programs
  • Facilitating an arterial roads partnership with RMS
  • Infrastructure purchase and upgrades
  • Sharing of technical advice and training opportunities

“The staff involved in development and delivery of these programs are to be commended, and I look forward to seeing more fantastic outcomes for WSROC’s regional waste program in the coming months,” said Clr Calvert.