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Liverpool housing is booming but infrastructure is lacking

New housing estate in Western Sydney New housing estate in Western Sydney

Liverpool’s housing market is booming, with new figures showing 17,750 new homes in the pipeline.

“Anyone can see the change happening in Liverpool, with 100 new residents in the council area every week,” said Mayor of Liverpool Cr Wendy Waller.

“Many parts of Sydney have basically shut up shop and don’t accept new development proposals or residents, but I am proud to say in Liverpool we are still growing – from new land release areas in the west, to high-rise apartments close to the train station and the conversion of some old industrial sites into beautiful unit developments.”

Liverpool is set to grow from its current population of 210,000 people to 331,000 by 2036 and Liverpool City Council is meeting the challenge.

In the last six months, nearly 1000 families received the keys to their new homes, while 3530 new homes and residential lots are currently under construction in the growth areas of the LGA.

“But the NSW Government needs to spend more to support the growth,” Mayor Waller said.

“There are major problems with its road network, public infrastructure and basic infrastructure like sewerage and water that are holding back our city.”

“We need it to commit to a major investment to ease traffic congestion – and the Government needs to fund public transport as well.

“Improved services to the city, through the extension of the new Metro line from Bankstown to Liverpool, improved local bus services, and an extension of the south-west rail link to the Western Sydney Airport are the absolute minimum that should be committed to support our growth to create a new and liveable city.”

The number of approved dwellings in Liverpool increased 32 per cent over the last two financial years. In 2015/16, Council approved 2475; in 2016/17, that number jumped to 3281.

By the numbers:

  • 7472 dwellings in the pre-DA stage
  • 4671 under assessment
  • 2076 approved
  • 3530 under construction
  • Total: 17,750
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