Thursday, 27 October 2016 15:19

Message from WSROC President; Cr Stephen Bali

WSROC President Cr Stephen Bali. WSROC President Cr Stephen Bali.

It is an honour to have been elected President of WSROC, an organisation with a proud history of achieving results for the people of Western Sydney.

In all of WSROC’s 43 years of advocacy, now is undoubtedly one of the most exciting times to be representing the West.

All eyes have turned to Western Sydney as key to the future prosperity of both Sydney and NSW.

The region is being inundated with promises of infrastructure and investment from both government and the private sector, most recently, by Lucy Turnbull’s announcement of the Greater Sydney Commission’s (GSC) ‘three cities’ vision.

The GSC’s ‘three cities plan’ is an exciting concept, and the ‘string of pearls’ analogy used by Mrs Turnbull is definitely appropriate – each of these local ‘pearls’ will be a key part of making this vision for Western Sydney a success.

Whether we are looking towards 2020, 2031 or 2050, a future Western Sydney needs to do more than just support the Australian and NSW economies, it needs to support a better quality of life for the people of Western Sydney – more reliable public transport, more access to arts and entertainment, jobs, schooling or health services.

Western Sydney is a successful and vibrant region because of its communities, and they deserve to be properly and respectfully represented when planning for the region. 

With a finger firmly on the pulse of local issues, councils will be key to ensuring this happens - that the future our State and Federal Governments are building is the one Western Sydney wants and deserves.

Over the coming months, WSROC councils will come together to ensure that we have a strong vision for Western Sydney’s future, to ensure investment in the region is well-planned and serves to benefit Western Sydney.

As President of WSROC, it will be my ongoing mission to ensure this is the case.

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